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Updates on decolonisation

We try to regularly post updates on the decolonisation work we’re doing.

These blogs summarise what we’ve been doing to tackle issues of power, racism and inequality in our shared history.

Find out more about our action on decolonisation.


Decolonising Language

by Ray Barnett, head of collections and archives

In our efforts to address decolonisation, one major piece of work is around our use of language.

In everyday speech, many people are now more aware of terms that may be offensive to different …


Next steps in our repatriation journeys…

by Lisa Graves, curator of World Cultures

Updated April 2023.

The good news is we have been able to return the Cree coat to Canada. We first told you about this in early 2020 but on 13 October 2021 it finally left Bristol on its journey home.


Decolonisation diary: Making progress during lockdown

by Ray Barnett, Head of Collections and Archives

Last October, we summarised our approach to ‘decolonisation’ and our commitment to facing up to our colonial heritage.

We then looked at the current situation regarding repatriation of museum art…


An update on decolonisation and repatriation

By Lisa Graves, curator of World Cultures

It’s coming up to a year since I wrote the first blog describing the ‘imminent’ return of a hunter’s coat to Aanischaaukamikw, the Cree Cultural Institute (ACCI), and a lot has happened during that time.


Decolonisation diary: Our first steps

by Finn White, Engagement Officer for Communities

As a museum service, we’ve decided to do something about our colonial heritage. This is the first of an ongoing series of blog posts that will document our attempts to come to terms with this most ch…


Uncomfortable Truths

Many object labels in museums do not tell the full story.

This project seeks to uncover uncomfortable truths behind museum objects – how they were collected, what they represent and the difficult pasts that are hidden behind them.


Repatriating the remains of Tongva ancestors

By Lisa Graves, World Cultures curator.

On 28 March Bristol Museum & Art Gallery officially returned the prehistoric remains and grave goods of individuals from the Tongva people to representatives of their descendants.

The small handover…