M Shed is located on Bristol’s historic dockside and reveals the fascinating story of Bristol and its unique place in the world. The vibrant museum is the perfect learning destination for a fun and memorable school trip!

Unwrap Bristol’s past with a range of interactive local history sessions, including the city’s connections to the transatlantic slave trade, its maritime heritage and world famous chocolate making. Find out about Bristol at War and discover some of the brilliant people who have helped to shape the city.

Hands-on learning sessions incorporate object handling, role play, storytelling and meet the expert opportunities.   In-school activities such as assembly are also offered, along with classroom teaching resources and CPD choices.

We are proud that M Shed was announced a 2017 winner of the Sandford Award for Heritage Education, an accolade that is valid for five years.

Here is our latest learning activity:

Workshop: Significant Bristol People

Discover how individuals like Brunel, Princess Campbell and other significant Bristol people have had impact on the city, its people and the wider world.

Workshop: Bristol Chocolate

Unwrap the story of Bristol’s chocolate-making industry in this interactive role-play and object handling workshop.

Workshop: The Romans and Bristol

Salvete! In CE43 the Roman Empire conquered and settled throughout Britain. Discover more about the Romanisation of Britain and the ‘Romans’ in Bristol in this hands-on workshop

Workshop: Ships and Sailors

Learn about the ill-fated voyage of the Bristol Merchant ship in 1675 and the dangers faced by sailors at sea during the 17th century. Fun, informative and hands-on-deck!

Workshop: Bristol at War – The Home Front

What was everyday life like on the Home Front and how did ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances? Discover Bristol’s story.

Workshop: Anglo-Saxons

How did the city of Bristol get its name? Discover the Anglo-Saxons roots of our city and find out about Britain’s Anglo-Saxon past during this interactive workshop.

ESOL at M Shed

Help your learners develop their language skills, learn about their city and engage with Bristol’s cultural life with our free English for Speakers of Other Languages tours.

Assembly: Brilliant Bristol Women

Hear inspirational stories, discover what Bristol women have achieved in the past and learn about their legacy on the city and the wider world.

EFL tours at M Shed

Bring your EFL students to M Shed for a guided tour of the galleries. Students will learn about Bristol’s past while developing their vocabulary and listening skills.