M Shed is located on Bristol’s historic harbourside and reveals the fascinating story of the city. The vibrant museum is the perfect learning destination for your local history curriculum – from chronology and significant Bristol people to Anglo-Saxons and chocolate!

We are proud that M Shed was announced a 2017 winner of the Sandford Award for Heritage Education, an accolade that is valid for five years.


Workshop: Significant Bristol People

Discover how individuals like Brunel, Princess Campbell and other significant Bristol people have had impact on the city, its people and the wider world.

Workshop: Bristol Chocolate

Unwrap the story of Bristol’s chocolate-making industry in this interactive role-play and object handling workshop.

Workshop: The Romans and Bristol

Salvete! Come and discover more about the Romanisation of Britain and the ‘Romans’ who lived in Bristol.

Workshop: Ships and Sailors

Learn about the ill-fated voyage of the Bristol Merchant ship in 1675 and the dangers faced by sailors at sea during the 17th century. Fun, informative and hands-on-deck!

Workshop: Anglo-Saxons

Discover the Anglo-Saxons roots of our city and find out about everyday life in Anglo-Saxon England during this interactive workshop.

ESOL at M Shed

Help your learners develop their language skills, learn about their city and engage with Bristol’s cultural life with our free English for Speakers of Other Languages tours.

Assembly: Brilliant Bristol Women

Hear inspirational stories about the achievements of three Bristol women and their legacies for the city and the wider world.

EFL tours at M Shed

Bring your EFL students to M Shed for a guided tour of the galleries. Students will learn about Bristol’s past while developing their vocabulary and listening skills.