Whether it’s art, history or science, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery can offer a range of one hour, half or full day learning sessions. We have twenty galleries over three floors and collections of regional, national and international importance.

Our most popular learning sessions include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks and Rocks & Fossils.

Do pictures really tell stories?  If you are researching opportunities to teach Art, we have a portfolio of art workshops covering portraits, nature and landscape.

Look out for our new in-school learning sessions too.  From Spring 2017, we are taking to the road and can visit your school with our inspiring Anglo-Saxons workshop.

Our week long Dinosaur Takeover! events take place in both March (as part of British Science Week) and November and get fully booked – so plan ahead!  Working in partnership with Dino experts from the University of Bristol we deliver hands-on dino related learning activities. Also available are our new Dinosaur Discovery sessions and our latest exhibition Pliosaurus! where your pupils can dive into the Jurassic deep!

See below our latest school workshops and learning activity at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery:

Discover: Stone Age to Iron Age

Investigate the development of human technology by examining stone tools and metal workings used from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Handle 500,000 year old stone hand axes and flint tools and unlock the secrets of how they were made and what they were…

Discover: Ancient Egypt

Why is there an ancient Egyptian obelisk and ‘ankh’ on a grave in a Bristol churchyard? Follow the adventures of Egyptologist Amelia Edwards in this hands-on session about her life-changing journey ‘a thousand miles up the Nile’.

Discover: Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greece has had an influence on western civilisation for over 2500 years. Learn about its legacy and the life of ancient Greeks with the handling and investigation of pots, pottery pieces and architecture.

Discover: Rocks and fossils

The museum has an amazing collection of rocks, minerals and fossils including the Bristol diamond. Eager young geologists can develop their scientific skills by handling, studying and comparing different specimens.

Discover: Evolution

Explore Darwin’s and Wallace’s revolutionary ideas on evolution by handling a variety of exciting and unusual specimens from our collections.

EFL Art Gallery tours

Bring your EFL students on a guided tour of our art galleries and enhance their learning beyond the classroom. Focus is placed on several works of art, with the opportunity for students to use new vocabulary and practise their listening and speaking skills.

Archaeology in Action: at your school

Take part in hands-on tasks to find out how archaeologists learn about the past by studying what’s buried beneath our feet. This interactive learning experience is delivered within your school.

Anglo Saxons in your classroom

How did the city of Bristol get its name? Discover the Anglo Saxons roots of our city when Bristol Museum visits your school. Find out about Britain’s Anglo Saxon past during our in-school workshop.

Dinosaur Discovery

Budding palaeontologists will be able to unearth fascinating facts about dinosaurs and fossils in this hands-on session. Then visit Pliosaurus a new interactive exhibition to discover more about creatures from the Jurassic deep.