Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, we are not taking any bookings for school and group visits. Instead, we are offering an online programme of webinars, assemblies and professional development for teachers. We run separate webinars for schools and Home Educators that are tailored to learning needs – please ensure that you book on the correct link below:

Upcoming webinars for schools

Upcoming webinars for Home Educators

Watch this space!

We will be adding our new Term 3 programme of school webinars and assemblies very soon.

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With thanks to our Annual Education Sponsor: Clifton College

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Workshop: Dinosaurs

Budding palaeontologists can unearth fascinating facts about dinosaurs and fossils in this hands-on session.

School loan box: Ghana textiles

Borrow our Ghana textiles box filled with colourful fabrics and discover what they can tell us about textile crafts in West Africa.

School loan box: Nigeria textiles

Borrow our Nigeria textiles box, filled with colourful fabrics, to discover what they can tell us about textile crafts in West Africa.

School loan box: World Faiths

Borrow a World Faiths loan box to discover artefacts from the six most popular religions around the world: Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Workshop: Rocks and Soils

Can you spot a metamorphic from a sedimentary rock? Take part in fun geology-related activities to discover more about the rock cycle, volcanoes and plate tectonics.

Workshop: Ancient Egypt

Follow the adventures of Egyptologist, Amelia Edwards, in this hands-on session about her life-changing journey ‘a thousand miles up the Nile’.