It’s great that you’ve missed us over the past year and can’t wait to come and visit us again! This does mean, however, that due to huge demand we are FULLY BOOKED until January 2022 for both Bristol Museum & Art Gallery and M Shed.

Please contact us to book visits in Terms 3, 4, 5 and 6.

We will send instructions for your visit and a COVID-19 Risk Assessment with your booking confirmation – please read all of this carefully and make sure everyone in your group is aware of the safety information.

All groups of 10 or more need to book a visit to our museums in advance through the Learning team. Please do not try and book groups through the general visitor online tickets, as these will be cancelled. Do remember to bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you when you visit.

Free school webinars

We’re sorry if you can’t visit us in person due to our reduced capacity, so why not sign-up for one of our FREE school webinars?  If your topics this term include ancient Egypt, Stone Age to Iron Age or ancient Greeks, and you haven’t been able to book a workshop, we will try to arrange a webinar for you instead.

Free webinar for home educating families

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With thanks to our Annual Education Sponsor: Clifton College

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KS3-4 webinar: Bristol’s health in the past

WEBINAR: How did Bristol’s authorities try to contain cholera outbreaks, obtain information on plague-carriers and persuade people to have a polio vaccine?

School loan box: Ghana textiles

Borrow our Ghana textiles box filled with colourful fabrics and discover what they can tell us about textile crafts in West Africa.

School loan box: Nigeria textiles

Borrow our Nigeria textiles box, filled with colourful fabrics, to discover what they can tell us about textile crafts in West Africa.

School loan box: World Faiths

Borrow a World Faiths loan box to discover artefacts from the six most popular religions around the world: Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism.

KS2 webinar: Predators and Prey

WEBINAR: Some animals are predators and some animals are prey. This relationship is one of the most important in nature, but what are the anatomical differences that decide an animal’s fate?

School loan box: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

Investigate our Dinosaur and Prehistoric Life loan box and engage with an amazing selection of real and replica fossils, and realistic models of prehistoric life.

Workshop: Ancient Greeks

What can decorated pots tell us about life in ancient Greece over 2500 years ago?