Bristol Culture, as part of Bristol City Council, is committed to providing a website that’s accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.

The site has been designed to adhere to best practice as set by the web accessibility principles by Bristol City Council by following W3C standards.

Should you have any suggestion to improve the accessibility of the site, please let us know.

There are a number of steps we have taken to address accessibility needs that are detailed below:


The site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control all presentation and layout so that content is well structured and easily accessible for assistive devices.


All font sizes are relative, with the exception of graphical text which is used only minimally. Text size can be increased or decreased in your web browser by following these steps:

Windows browsers:

  1. Open your preferred web browser (applies to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)
  2. Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and press the plus (+) key
  3. You will find that this will enlarge the text, to enlarge again repeat the procedure
  4. Keep repeating until the text is enlarged to your requirements
  5. If you need to make the text smaller press ctrl on your keyboard and the minus ( – ) key

Apple browsers

  1. Open your preferred web browser (applies to Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)
  2. Hold down the Apple key on your keyboard and press the plus (+) key
  3. You will find that this will enlarge the text, to enlarge again repeat the procedure
  4. Keep repeating until the text is enlarged to your requirements If you need to make the text smaller press the Apple key on your keyboard and the minus ( – ) key


All images used for non aesthetic reasons have descriptive alternative text.


Content across the site has been written and formatted to make it as accessible as possible. This includes:

  • The use of semantic headings which are descriptive and used to highlight sections of text
  • Clear and easy to understand language
  • Meaningful text used for all links
  • No information is conveyed exclusively through the use of colour

Colour contrast

Wherever possible we have designed pages and chosen colours to be accessible to colour-blind users. Where contrast is limited, this has been restricted to purely decorative content.

Document downloads

There are a number of PDF documents available for download across the site. You can find out more about how to configure the free Adobe Reader software to obtain greater access to PDF files by visiting the Adobe site.

Conditions of museum entry

We reserve the right to refuse you entry to and/or eject you from our museums. No refunds will be given to visitors who are refused entry or ejected from the museum.

Cancellation and refunds

Events and exhibitions

Your ticket(s) cannot be refunded or exchanged.
Should cancellation of the event be necessary, we will attempt to contact all customers who have booked tickets in advance to arrange exchange or refund of tickets. This contact will be in the form of email, so customers are advised to check their email inbox before visiting the Museum to avoid an unnecessary journey should an event be cancelled. If an alternative visit date cannot be arranged, we will then refund the full price paid, including the payment processing fees, to customers.

Learning workshops

If you would like to change the date of a visit after your booking has already been confirmed, we are happy to arrange another suitable date for an administration fee of £35.
If you cancel a confirmed booking within 21 days of your booked date, you will be charged the full amount. Cancellations with 22 days or more notice of the booked date will incur an administrative charge of £35.

Gift Cards

We sell gift cards online and in our shops. These can be used to buy any item from our shops at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, M Shed or online. We cannot give you change when you make a purchase with a gift card. At present we do not accept gift cards for exhibition or event entry or third party run events.

Project proposals

Bristol Museums’ public programme aims to engage audiences with ideas inspired by Bristol’s history, natural environment and culture as well as its sites and world class collections. This is achieved through the creation of high quality and distinct exhibitions, events and programmes developed both in house and with a range of partners. Our public programme supports the service aims in attracting more diverse audiences particularly groups identified in our Audience Development Plan.

Our exhibitions are planned about two years in advance and are usually a result of proposals that are generated internally, or through partnerships with national museums and galleries.

Our exhibition spaces are not available for hire by individuals or artist groups.

If you’re interested in working with Bristol Archives, you can find out how they can support your project or group work.

Taking photos at the museums

We’d love to see your photos, share them with us on Instagram: @bristolmuseums

Please be aware photography for your own personal record is allowed throughout the museums except where indicated by this sign:

Illustration showing a camera with a cross through it

We do not permit the use of tripods in any areas of the museums unless prior permission has been granted. Please contact us with your request stating the following:

  1. Enquiry Type: Anything Else
  2. Comment or Enquiry: Please start your comment with ‘Documentation Team – Photography Request’ followed by:
  3. Your contact details
  4. The full details of your request.

We will endeavor to respond to your enquiry within 10 working days.

Prior permission is required for publication or commercial use of any kind, including websites.

If you would like to use an image from our collection, this can be done via the Bridgeman Images website.

Food and drink at the museums

To help protect our collections and historic interiors for future generations to enjoy, we ask visitors to consume food and drink only in designated café areas. Pests are attracted by crumbs of food, and accidental spillages of food or drink could damage objects that are on open display.

Using art materials at the museums

We are keen to encourage sketching within our museums. Please be considerate of other visitors when doing so. To protect our collections and the fabric of the building only graphite and coloured pencils should be used within gallery spaces. If you wish to work with different media as part of an arranged visit please contact us and we will do our best to facilitate your request.

Text to pay (premium SMS) terms and conditions

The amount you have selected (either £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10) plus one standard rate text message will be deducted from your available credit time if you are on a pre-pay (pay-as-you-go) phone service, or, if you are on a pay-monthly phone service the payment will appear on your monthly bill.

If you are not the bill payer, you must get permission from the bill payer before making a payment.

In the event you have insufficient funds or credit the payment will not be made. If this occurs you will not be eligible for a refund of the standard network rate charged by your mobile network provider.

We will not use your mobile phone contact details for any marketing purposes and it will not be shared with any third parties.

If you have a query about the Text to Pay (Premium SMS) service we offer please call us on 0117 922 3571. Alternatively, you can write to us at: Audience Development and Research, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1RL.

Bristol Culture is registered with the Premium Rate Services regulator, Phone Pay Plus. Our registration number is: ORG837-51289-03976