What’s On

Extinction Voices

EXHIBITION: To highlight the seriousness of the wildlife extinction crisis, we are veiling Alfred the gorilla and 31 other animals in our World Wildlife gallery. All 32 animals are threatened with high to extreme risk of extinction.

Do you believe in magic?

EXHIBITION: From ancient uses of witchcraft, to the role superstition plays in the modern mind, this exhibition looks at how magic has been used to heal, hunt and harm.

African queens

FAMILY: Africa is a continent with an extensive and glorious history. In this family workshop we’ll be making royal crowns and jewellery inspired by African queens.

Egypt explorers

Hands-on session exploring ancient Egyptian life, pharaohs and mummification. Explore ancient Egyptian artefacts, practice hieroglyphic writing, play Egyptian games and decorate a mini sarcophagus, all inspired by our fantastic Egypt gallery.

Bristol Film Festival: Halloween

SCREENING: Join us for a night of Halloween film screenings. We’ll be showing Hocus Pocus, The Witches and The Conjuring. In partnership with Bristol Film Festival.

Museums at Night: Real magic

SPECIAL EVENT: Explore the museum after-hours with a spellbinding evening of magic, witchcraft and enchantment! This Museums at Night will be a chance to meet magical practitioners, discover different beliefs and rituals and contemplate how magic plays a …

The World in Bristol

SPECIAL EVENT: Celebrate Bristol’s diverse cultures with a day of music, dance, taster activities, tours and opportunities to chat with people from around the world.