Learning events and school workshops

Learning with Bristol’s museums means exciting encounters with real artefacts, documents and artworks from some of the UK’s finest collections.

We offer lots of different ways for you to engage including handling sessions, costumed role-play, gallery activities and opportunities to meet our experts. Here are our learning events and school workshops that we offer across our museums:

Workshop: Talking Pictures

Explore the art galleries, investigate paintings and build your speaking and listening skills.

School loan box: Victorian school

Borrow our Victorian School box to investigate artefacts used by teachers and children in a school during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Workshop: Saxon Bristol

Discover the Saxons roots of our city and find out about everyday life in Saxon England during this interactive workshop.

Workshop: Rocks and fossils

Can you spot a metamorphic from a sedimentary rock? Our fun geology-handling activities explore the rock cycle, volcanoes and plate tectonics.

Workshop: Every picture tells a story

Do pictures really tell stories? Discover how myths and legends have influenced artworks in our museum collection.