From art to dinosaurs and from animals to Egypt, the Learning Team at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery offer a range of interactive workshops to complement your curriculum.

We are proud that Bristol Museum & Art Gallery was announced a 2016 winner of the Sandford Award for Heritage Education, an accolade that is valid for five years.



School loan box: Nigeria textiles

Borrow our Nigeria textiles box, filled with colourful fabrics, to discover what they can tell us about textile crafts in West Africa.

Workshop: Talking Pictures

Explore the art galleries, investigate paintings and build your speaking and listening skills.

Workshop: Landscape and Nature

How and why did artists paint a landscape or images of nature? Bring your class to the museum and together we’ll study great works of art.

Workshop: Every picture tells a story

Do pictures really tell stories? Discover how myths and legends have influenced artworks in our museum collection.

Workshop: Portraits

What stories and hidden messages can you find in the portraits in our Bristol collections?