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We’ve been collecting and presenting objects and documents for nearly 200 years. So much has changed since then and it’s vital we address the issues of power, racism and inequality in our shared history.

The collection is an incredible tool for education and inspiration but we know some items can cause distress – either because of the stories they tell or the way they were acquired.

We need to have open, honest conversations about the complex histories behind our objects, archives and spaces. We want to increase the diversity of the material we collect, the stories that are told and the people involved in decision-making.

We are dedicated to representing and welcoming our whole community. Please follow us on our journey, we’ll be regularly sharing updates here.


Decolonisation diary: Making progress during lockdown

by Ray Barnett, Head of Collections and Archives

Last October, we summarised our approach to ‘decolonisation’ and our commitment to facing up to our colonial heritage.

We then looked at the current situation regarding repatriation of museum art…


An update on decolonisation and repatriation

By Lisa Graves, curator of World Cultures

It’s coming up to a year since I wrote the first blog describing the ‘imminent’ return of a hunter’s coat to Aanischaaukamikw, the Cree Cultural Institute (ACCI), and a lot has happened during that time.


Decolonisation diary: Our first steps

by Finn White, Engagement Officer for Communities

As a museum service, we’ve decided to do something about our colonial heritage. This is the first of an ongoing series of blog posts that will document our attempts to come to terms with this most ch…


Uncomfortable Truths

Many object labels in museums do not tell the full story.

This project seeks to uncover uncomfortable truths behind museum objects – how they were collected, what they represent and the difficult pasts that are hidden behind them.