Frameworks: Great art in the West

Frameworks aims to raise the profile of five art collections that include world class historical, modern and contemporary fine and applied arts, all within an hour’s drive or a forty-minute train journey of each other.

Meteorites and extra-terrestrial goings on!

Dr Robert Massey from the Royal Astronomical Society led a packed out auditorium for an evening of all things extra-terrestrial with his lecture about how comets and asteroids move through the solar system.

Explore Your Archive: Bristol in old postcards

We want to encourage people to discover historic Bristol through old postcards on the Know Your Place website. Would you like to use the postcards to tell your own stories – or could you volunteer for us?

Our museums, our voices

We’re one of nine museums across the country taking part in the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Our Museum programme. It asks how museums work in active partnership with their local communities through sustainably sharing decision-making, networks and skills.

Desert Island Doc: A very Bristolian bride

At Bristol Archives, we’re often asked for evidence of the Bristol dialect amongst the archives, but this usually proves elusive.

Using drones within archaeology

Hi! I’m Sam and I work with the Archaeology collection. Recently I had the opportunity to observe an unmanned drone survey of the Iron Age Hill Fort on Clifton Down in Bristol.

Behind the scenes with Wallace & Gromit’s Creative Director

Wallace & Gromit (W&G) were created by Nick Park and have grown in popularity over 25 years. So much so that there is simply too much going on in the W&G world for Nick to keep on top of everything. That’s where I come in.