What’s on

Hinamatsuri: Japanese Dolls Festival

DISPLAY: To mark Hinamatsuri (Japanese Dolls Festival), we’re displaying two of our exquisite doll sets to offer an insight into Japan’s imperial family, courtly dress and aristocratic traditions.

Magical storytelling

FAMILY: Join our storyteller on an amazing adventure to a magical world of marvel and mystery! Let her whisk you away, taking inspiration from our Magic exhibition.

Family Friday

FAMILY: Join us on Fridays during school holidays for family friendly workshops and activities. Family Fridays are aimed at children age 3-11.

Magical makes from history

Hands-on session exploring magical objects from history. Explore artefacts, make an Egyptian-style amulet, write a hieroglyphic spell on papyrus, find out about witch bottles and create a Roman Curse Tablet, all inspired by historic magical objects.