Bristol Life

The Bristol Life gallery on the First Floor explores people’s shared experiences in the city – from the momentous to the everyday, whether out on the town, attending a sports event or chatting to a neighbour.

  • Encounter the unusual, the routine, the fun and occasionally moving ways in which people have experienced their city over the centuries
  • Find out how Bristol families have lived, learned, worked and socialised
  • Discover how and why people moved to Bristol and the challenges they have faced
  • Explore how we have enjoyed ourselves in Bristol
  • The Brave Poor Things: Reclaiming Bristol’s Disability History exhibition tells the story of The Guild of the Brave Poor Things, founded in 1894, its members and its headquarters. This pioneering building, which still stands today in Old Market, is thought to be the UK’s first purpose-built for disabled people in 1913.

Just outside the Bristol Life gallery you can now see Banksy’s Grim Reaper.


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