Bristol Places

The Bristol Places gallery focuses on the physical and dynamic city – the ways that people have shaped and experienced it and continue to do so.

It highlights how and why Bristol has transformed over time, how people have developed various ways in which to move around it and showcases some amazing discoveries that have been made in and around the city.

  • Discover how Bristol prepared for and endured the second World War
  • Meet Bristol’s very own dinosaur Thecodontosaurus
  • Marvel at stories of buried treasure and then uncover it for yourself
  • See the variety of different vehicles we’ve used to travel around the city including trains, buses and planes
  • Learn about how the homes we live in and how the places we work in have changed over time
  • Discover the neighbourhood displays, showcasing the highlights of Bristol’s suburbs, co-produced with local communities, including the new Avonmouth display, launched in the 150th anniversary year of Avonmouth’s foundation.
  • Learn about extraordinary discoveries in the city
  • Find out how we have moved around the city
  • Discover the history of commerce in the city

Bus closure – update May 2024

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our fundraiser for the bus last year.

We raised just over £2800 towards the conservation of the bus through both our online and onsite campaigns. Our first step is to recover the seats with new fabric due to wear and tear, which means it will need to remain closed to the public over the next few months. We’ll be working on the conservation of the bus over the summer and will keep you updated on progress.

We’re planning to run story telling sessions around the bus. Keep an eye on M Shed’s What’s on where these will be posted.


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Image credit: Farrows Creative