Visiting with the family? There’s plenty of fun for the whole family all year round!

Come rain or shine, there’s lots to see and do every day: enjoy interactive displays in the galleries or discover the museum afresh with a Family Explorer Kit.

Find out what’s on for families at Bristol Museums.

Ride the working exhibits

Keep an eye on what’s on to find out when the next trips are – there’s trains, boats and of course the famous cranes to ride! A fabulous way to spend a day with the family.

Free Family Explorer Kits

Can you find the things in the photo trail? Pretend to be an explorer on an expedition and see how different things look through the binoculars or magnifying glass. Suitable for under sevens and their adults.

M Shed is autism-friendly

Visiting a museum with an autistic child can be a stressful experience. Here at M Shed we’re doing everything we can to make the experience fun, engaging and stress-free. We’ve worked with Bristol Autism Support to develop three things to make your visit everything it should be:

  • You can borrow a free ‘Little Bag of Calm’ from reception. These contain ear-defenders, fiddle-toys and visual prompts.
  • Our staff have been trained in autism awareness. We understand the difficulties you may face and are there to support you.
  • You can download our free visual guide to M Shed (PDF), to help you and your child plan your visit in advance.

If you have any questions or think we could do more to help support your child, please contact us.

With thanks to Bristol Autism Support for all of their advice, training and generosity.