First Floor

alfred the gorilla

Alfred the Gorilla

Explore the natural world from dinosaurs to rocks to birds. The First Floor is home to our famous Alfred the Gorilla and the beautiful Romany wagon – you’ll also get a great view of the Bristol Boxkite from the balcony.

On the First Floor you’ll find:

  • Dinosaurs – meet the Bristol dinosaur and some of his friends, including the best-preserved dinosaurs ever found in Britain: the scelidosaurs
  • Wildlife – discover the animal kingdom and see rare, endangered and extinct wildlife from the UK and around the globe, including the extinct tasmanian tiger (Thylacine)
  • Geology – take a journey through the last billion years of the history of the planet. Amazing fossils allow you to see traces of creatures from the past
  • Minerals – a sparkling world of minerals, gemstones and crystals including Bristol Diamonds
  • Balcony gallery – keep an eye on what’s on to see what exhibitions are showing
  • Maps and prints which show how Bristol has changed over the centuries on the balcony

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