3 September 2019—17 July 2020

School loan box: World Faiths

Borrow our World Faiths loan boxes and let your class handle and investigate artefacts used in religious practice from faiths around the world.

Artefacts represent the 6 most popular worldwide religions: Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. Discover how each item is used as part of worship, to demonstrate religious commitment or as part of religious celebrations.

We have two Word Faiths loan boxes available. Each includes 12 artefacts.

World Faiths box 1 contents:

• Information pack for teachers
• Sikh Nishan Sahib flag
• Sikh Kara silver bangle
• Jewish Menorah candle lamp
• Jewish Dreidel spinning top
• Islamic Musalla prayer rug with compass
• Islamic ceramic water jug
• Buddhist Buddharupa statues of Buddha
• Buddhist ceremonial temple block and beater
• Hindu Murti statue of god Ganesh
• Hindu brass diva lamp
• Christian Chalice and Paten
• Christian Incense burner

World Faiths box 2 contents:  

  • Information for teachers on each artefact
  • Sikh Kanga comb
  • Sikh Kara silver bangle
  • Sikh Chaur fly whisk
  • Islamic Subha prayer beads
  • Islamic Musalla prayer rug
  • Islamic Qur’an stand
  • Hindu brass diva lamp
  • Hindu Ghanti bell
  • Hindu soapstone Murti of goddess Durga
  • Hindu brass Kindi water pot
  • Christian statue of the Virgin Mary
  • Christian crucifix

Suitable for: Year 3-6

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