How would you like to own these pictures?

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By Trevor Coombs, Documentation Assistant – Fine Art

Earlier this year, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery licensed 2,300 digital images from the Fine Art collection to Bridgeman Images to sell on our behalf.

[K6174] Still Life in Gozo, by Mary Fedden

We’ve had a commercial relationship with Bridgeman stretching back to 1981 when, as one of their earliest clients, we licensed over 300 of our best known pictures.

This means our stock at Bridgeman now totals 2,650, including the whole of the Braikenridge Topographical collection (showing Bristol before the camera), nearly all of the British and European painting collections, and a selection of works on paper.

From BBC and Channel 5 documentaries, educational textbooks in France and scholarly publications in Italy, to high production value posters in Germany, religious calendars and greeting cards in the USA and fashion websites in London – our pictures have travelled right across the world, getting the collection known and bringing in much needed income to fund exhibitions, events and other services for the 1.1m people who visit Bristol Museums each year.

[K6319] Pink Explosion, by Buff Monster

Over the coming months, we hope to add another 1,500 pictures from our other collections, including a selection of Japanese prints, some of the Adela Breton Mexican temple drawings, rare plant illustrations and a recently catalogued collection of bird illustrations.

In the longer term, the archive photographs of the British Empire and Commonwealth collection will also be added. Who knows where they’ll end up?

Recently, we linked the Bridgeman licensed images to our online collections. Search ‘Fine Art’ to view the images. If a picture is licensed to Bridgeman, click the link on the individual catalogue record page to go to the Bridgeman website.

[K2742] View Down the Avon, by Samuel Jackson

There you can purchase a digital copy for your commercial, academic or personal use. Many of Bristol’s pictures at Bridgeman have also been uploaded to, where print on demand reproductions can be ordered online. There’s even a framing service.

So the next time you’re wandering through our art galleries and you see a picture you’d like to own, you know where to go.

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2 comments on “How would you like to own these pictures?

  1. Dmitri the Hanger

    Hello there, I’m a wall hanging pro and father of two and I just came in from art.couk, where I tried to locate the exact picture you have here (the second picture) but I simply could not find it. I want to have the exact same picture for a special wall hanging present in December, since she accidently saw this and now wants it. We are both and it is her will to ask. I have left both my email and company department website if you do happen to respond. Regards

    Fantastic Wall Hanging


  2. Trevor Coombs

    Hello Dmitri,

    I couldn’t find it on either, which probably means there is a rights issue. Works by the artist, Mary Fedden, are still under copyright. As I mentioned in my blog post, many – but not all – of Bristol’s pictures are uploaded to the site by Bridgeman Images, we have not control over which ones. You could order a digital image direct from Bridgeman Images, and then have it printed and framed.

    Trevor Coombs


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