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Suitcase Stories – leaving home

What would you choose to take with you if you only had 24 hours to pack and leave your home forever? Would you take photos and objects to remind you of your past life or something that would be useful when you reach your destination? How would you be fee…

Clifton High School partners with Bristol Museums

Guest blog by Clifton High School Clifton High School is delighted to announce a new partnership with Bristol Museums. We are pleased to be a major sponsor of the upcoming exhibition, Pliosaurus! Face to face with a Jurassic beast, together with sponso…

The return of Dinosaur Takeover!

After roaring success, our Dinosaur Takeover! for schools is returning this November 2016. Back in March schools from across Bristol and beyond took a trip to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for a hands-on dinosaur experience. Our Learning team p…

Learning: Under the spotlight

For the past few months, we’ve been creating our new learning programme to support the revised National Curriculum for Key Stage 2.

From Stone Age to Iron Age

Can you describe the difference between Palaeolithic and Neolithic? Do you know your Bronze Age from your Iron Age? Well, you soon will if you teach in an English primary school.