Six picks for January

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by Lacey Trotman, Digital Apprentice

The clock struck midnight and you told yourself ‘new year, new me’ right?

Everyone loves enthusing about what amazing thing they’re going to do in the new year, be it large or small.

Well we’re here to help you achieve your resolution with our top six picks from Bristol Museums shop this January, because nothing is more satisfying than saying ‘I told you so!’.

I will be a little more:


Image of a book with lots of wildlife on the front cover like birds, fish and butterflies

Environmentally Aware: 

Wonderland: A Year in Britain’s wildlife 

Not only is this book pleasing to the eye but it’s full of unexpected delights. Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss take us through the year, day by day, sharing what  we can experience in our skies, beaches, rivers, fields, forests and back gardens.


Image of a watch with a large marble face and thin pink strapOn time:

Icon Watch Mink 

Now, arriving ‘fashionably late’ sounds pretty cool but it’s rather annoying for everyone else! This elegant watch is perfect for any occasion with its marble face and stylish mink leather strap; with this on your wrist you can be ‘fashionably’ on time.


Image of a book with homemade furniture on the front coverHandy:

Do It Yourself: 50 Projects by Designers and Artists 

Have you ever tried to make something that looks really easy and turns out it really wasn’t? This book is the answer. From lamps and tables to toys and chairs, all items can be constructed using basic tools and everyday items, making designer classics from the everyday. Yay!



Bristol’s Historic Harbourside Calendar 2018

Make sure you can tick off your bucket list this year by putting plans to paper. Bristol’s Historic Harbourside Calendar will take you through the year as well as its images taking you through the city centre’s historic re-generation.


Image of a book with an inside out umbrella blowing in the snow designRelaxed:

More Very British Problems 

It’s important to take time out for yourself and what better way than to do it with a funny book! Laugh at the awkwardness that comes with being British – especially when abroad, with a host of silly situations we can all relate to.


Image of a coaster covered in a blue floral design

Cost Savvy:

William Morris Strawberry Thief Set of 4 Coasters

This year search the sales for what you’re looking for before making impulsive buys at full price. Our online sale covers homeware to fashion, books to games. Don’t miss out as once they’re gone, they’re gone!



Take a browse on our online shop and remember every purchase you make helps to support Bristol Museums, so thanks for shopping with us 👍

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