Step back in time at Blaise Castle House Museum, an 18th century mansion set in beautiful parkland. With its weird and wonderful collections of domestic objects and clothing, it has become a teacher’s pet!

Enhance your curriculum with a workshop in our Victorian Schoolroom or get nostalgic with our Toys session.

For the perfect school trip, combine your learning session with some exploration time in the landscaped grounds of Blaise Castle Estate.

Here are our latest learning events and school workshops available at Blaise Castle House Museum:

Discover: The Victorian schoolroom

Step back in time to role-play lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic at Blaise Castle National School. Don’t forget to stand up straight, be very quiet, work diligently, and keep your boots shiny!

Discover: Toys

Compare and contrast examples of toys from across time in this hands-on session. Discover what toys are made from and how they work, then take some time to play!

Roman life at Bristol’s villa

In the 1940’s Bristol’s own Roman villa was re-discovered when a new housing development was unintentionally built through it. Explore the archaeological site of the villa to find out about Roman life in Bristol.

Giant Outdoor Adventure Story

Why are there giant footprints, a huge bath and even a stone chair carved into the cliffs of Blaise Castle Estate? Discover the story of how Bristol’s landscape was changed by two giants in this active outdoor learning session.