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Our Current Appeal – Japanese Prints

Paper Conservator Harry Metcalf inspects a box of the prints

Paper Conservator Harry Metcalf inspects a box of the prints

Bristol has an outstanding collection of approximately 500 Japanese woodblock prints of the mid-18th to early 19th centuries, including works by famous artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige.

Japanese prints are very light sensitive so it isn’t possible to have them on display all the time as the coloured inks can quickly fade. This means we need to ensure that they are kept in suitable storage conditions.

Our paper Conservator, Harry Metcalf explains that “After carrying out a survey of the Japanese wood-block prints, I found that the majority of the sheets are in very good condition. However, the mounts and boxes in which they are stored are certainly showing their age. The mounts are of varying quality, and many of them clip the edges of the print. This not only obscures part of the image but can cause damage over time.

Harry is really looking forward to studying the collection in further detail, “There are beautiful and subtle details in these prints. The surfaces are extremely rich and by examining them closely you can learn a lot about the printer’s technique. They remind you just how skilled these artists and craftsmen were.”

“The remounting process is a perfect opportunity to fully document the condition of the prints on our collection management system. There have been considerable improvements in storage materials since these prints entered the museum collections, meaning we can store these prints in the manner they deserve.”

Could you help make these prints ready for future display?

To conserve the first box of prints, £1,250 is needed. Can you help?  All gifts make a difference:

  • Your £15 could go towards purchasing archival-quality Heritage Museum mount board.
  • Your £25 could help to buy bespoke Solander boxes to store the remounted prints in.
  • Your £50 could help pay for an hour of conservation mounting of the prints.

The remounting and rehousing of this wonderful collection means that not only will they be much more safely accessible, but also kept ready for future display. Thank you.

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