Donate an object or collection

If you are considering leaving an object or collection to Bristol Museums during your lifetime or in your Will, please speak to a member of the Development Team first so that our curators can advise whether we will be able to accept the gift.

Bristol Museums is an accredited museum and has a responsibility to protect and preserve objects within our collections. If you are planning to donate an object during your lifetime or bequeath an object in your Will to Bristol Museums, please also consider whether you might be able to leave a pecuniary or residuary donation in order to support us in this endeavour.

In your lifetime

If the object or collections that you are considering donating are deemed to of ‘pre-eminent’ quality, it is possible to offer them to the nation under the Cultural Gifts Scheme to benefit from a reduction in income tax or capital gains tax (CGT) bills during your lifetime. More information on this scheme can be found on the Arts Council England website and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport website.

In your Will

If you are considering bequeathing pre-eminent objects or collections to Bristol Museums in your Will, the Acceptance In Lieu scheme may reduce the Inheritance Tax liability on your estate. Further guidance on this scheme can be found on the Arts Council England website.