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Our corporate membership and sponsorship packages offer your company unique opportunities for corporate hospitality, team building benefits, staff wellbeing and increasing brand awareness. The variety of our exhibitions and events means our sponsorship packages can suit a variety of marketing, PR and CSR needs at local, national and international levels.

Corporate Membership at Bristol Museums

By becoming a corporate member at Bristol Museums, not only can your staff and clients enjoy exclusive benefits, but you are directly supporting meaningful projects right here in Bristol. Membership lasts for one year, during which we offer a range of activities, experiences, discounts, and promotional opportunities for your business. We offer different types of membership so you can get the most out of working with Bristol Museums.

To find out more, see our Corporate Membership information brochure.


Our corporate members and sponsors can enjoy private views and special events at our venues.


We’re fortunate to have good company, and wish to thank our current Corporate Supporters: