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Bristol’s Black History

Find out about Bristol’s Black History with Bristol Museums. Who were the first Black people in Bristol? What are the city’s links to Somalia? What are the legacies of the Slave Trade?

Here you’ll find stories, blog posts and events from Bristol Museums related to Black History.


Black Bristolians – evidence in the archives

by Allie Dillon, City Archivist

For some years, researchers have gathered evidence of Bristol’s historic black population. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, staff at Bristol Archives spent time bringing all this research together.

The result is a new…


The story behind: A Movement Not A Moment

by Jasmine Thompson, the artist of A Movement Not A Moment

“Hello? Are you the artist?”

I turn around and a family is standing behind the barriers looking at me. I’ve no idea how long they’ve been there watching. I also have no idea what they are …


Somali tribalism in Bristol

What is a Somali tribe? And why does it matter in modern Bristol? Nasra Ayub explores the key issues.


Bristol’s Afrikan-Caribbean legends of martial arts

Clive Smith captures the true stories from some of Bristol’s Afrikan Caribbean legends of martial arts.

Lloyd Russell.
Lloyd Allen.
Nathan Lewis.
Shaun Vera.
Winston Williams.

This podcast gives an insight into the journey of racism and discri…


Windrush Influence on the Music of Bristol

When the people of the ‘Windrush generation’ came to the UK they brought with them a culture of music and sound systems. The very sonic tone of the music we hear on the streets late at night in Bristol and the UK are very much a result of this.


Uncomfortable Truths

Many object labels in museums do not tell the full story.

This project seeks to uncover uncomfortable truths behind museum objects – how they were collected, what they represent and the difficult pasts that are hidden behind them.


19 Black Bristol women who’ve made a difference

Pioneering, passionate and powerful, these women have helped change our city for the better. From artists to activists, from councillors to carnivalistas, these are names you need to know.


Migration: Joining and Leaving Bristol

Migration is not something new. The flow of people joining and leaving Bristol has helped make our city what it is. From ancient Roman settlements to today’s Syrian resettlements, people have been making new homes beside the Avon for thousands of years. Many have also left Bristol, crossing vast oceans to seek fortune and freedom in faraway lands.