3 September—21 December 2018

Archaeology in Action: at your school

Do you know what skills are needed to be a successful archaeologist? Bristol Museum & Art Gallery will help you develop these with our in-school Archaeology in Action learning programme.

Take part in hands-on tasks to find out how archaeologists learn about the past by studying what’s buried beneath our feet, with these three simple steps:

1. Use our pre-learning resources to prepare for our school visit

Resources include:

  • A glossary of terms used by archaeologists
  • An archaeological period timeline activity

2. Discover how evidence is gathered about life in the past during our in-school Archaeology in Action class workshop and school assembly experience.

During class workshops the children will:

  • Examine how physical evidence helps us construct the past
  • Find out about different materials and investigate which will survive over time
  • Learn about how we gather evidence using scientific and practical tools
  •  Interpret objects found by archaeologists to make conclusions
  • Find-out about different types of archaeologists and their work
  • Learn about field-walking by taking part in a practical demonstration
  • Handle real archaeological finds from different time periods

Suitable for: year 5-7
Duration: 75 minutes
Group size: Up to 35 pupils per class

During a school assembly children will:

  • Find out about the work of an archaeologist
  • Play the game ‘is it archaeology’?
  • Discover the tools and equipment needed by an archaeologist

Suitable for: year 3 – 7
Duration: 20mins
Group size: whole of ks2 or year 7

3. Take the learning further using our teacher-led resources:

  • Fabulous finds activity: What are finds and how do you record them? (includes a loan box with real archaeological finds)
  • How to look without digging – information for teachers

Package costs
Workshop for 1 class – £160. Add a 30min assembly for only £40
Workshops for 2 classes – £280. Add a 30min assembly for only £40
Workshops for 3 classes – £400. FREE school assembly
School assembly only – £90
Terms & conditions

Complimentary resources! Our pre and post-visit teaching resources are free for you to use in your school, when booking a workshop.

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