Could you be on our next Youth Panel?

Posted on by Fay Curtis.

The application form for new members of our Youth Panel is now live!

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 1 October.

Some questions you may be asking are:

What is Bristol Museums Youth Panel?

We’re a group of people aged between 15-21 who are interested in culture and what it means to young people in our city.

We started in February 2016 and our members have included a young refugee learning English, University students , an apprentice working for the council, and 6th form students – everyone has a part to play!

We meet regularly to learn more about exhibitions happening in the museums and we plan activities and events to engage more young people in what is on offer to them.

We are currently looking for new members to join us. Looking ahead, some things we hope to be involved in are:

  • Developing the Bristol Music exhibition happening at M Shed next summer
  • Learning how exhibition displays are put together, and be involved in creatively refreshing some displays at M Shed, including Bristol Neighbourhoods, Transatlantic Slave Trade and St Paul’s Carnival.
  • Have some behind the scenes tours at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
  • Explore historical records at Bristol Archives
  • Learn how to handle historical objects
  • Have a go on the cranes and boats at M Shed
  • Running events for young people

What are you looking for in your new members?

To apply, you must be aged between 15-21 and live in Bristol.

Do I have to have any qualifications?

Nope! We want the panel to truly reflect the diversity of Bristol’s young people, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not studying at uni, or if you don’t know anything about history or art….what we’re interested in is your ideas, enthusiasm and commitment.

We need your insight to help us to get more young people involved in what we do, and to ensure that what we offer is accessible, relevant and interesting to all young people in our city.

If you are studying, then we’re interested in how you can use your learning and skills working within a team of people with mixed levels of knowledge to help to achieve the above.

How often do you meet?

By applying, you are confirming that you are able to attend our evening sessions on Tuesdays 5: 30-8: 30 pm twice a month from end of October to end of May.

There are also daytime sessions that all members are expected to attend, currently planned for 23/24 October; 18 December; 12 February; 26/27 March; 28 May.

Plus optional opportunities to attend other activities related to Bristol Museums such as meetings with museum staff, and evening exhibition openings.

What is ‘Bristol Museums’?

‘Bristol Museums’ is part of Bristol City Council’s ‘Culture Team’. The museums we cover are Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, M Shed, Georgian House Museum, The Red Lodge Museum, Blaise Castle House Museum and Bristol Archives. For information about these places please visit our website.

When’s the deadline & what happens after I apply?

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 1 October.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an informal interview between 3- 11 October.

All applicants will be contacted by Monday 23 October.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your application now!

2 comments on “Could you be on our next Youth Panel?

  1. Elliot Matthews

    I am looking to study archaeology and history at university next September and would love to be part of the youth panel. I am also interested in volunteering at the museum and wondered how I could do that.
    Best wishes,


    1. Lacey Trotman

      Hi Elliot,

      That’s great to hear, I hope you apply for the Youth Panel.

      If you’re looking to volunteer head to this page where you can contact our team about what opportunities we have at the moment .

      Many thanks,


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