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Posted on by Lauren MacCarthy.

by Katie Lee, development lead

The Cultural Gifts Scheme enables UK taxpayers to donate, during their lifetime, important works of art and other heritage objects to be held for the benefit of the public or the nation. In return, donors receive a tax reduction based on a set percentage of the value of the item they donate.

Donors can also bequeath pre-eminent objects or collections in their will through the Acceptance In Lieu scheme, which may reduce the Inheritance Tax liability on their estates.

In order for objects to be considered for acceptance to either scheme they must be found to be pre-eminent by the Acceptance in Lieu Panel. This means they must be of particular historical, artistic, scientific or local significance, as well as in an acceptable condition. More information can be found on the Arts Council’s website

Help us look after your treasures for generations to come

Bristol Museums is an accredited museum and has a responsibility to protect and preserve objects within our collections.

If you are planning to donate an object during your lifetime or in your Will to Bristol Museums, please also consider whether you might be able to leave a cash donation in your Will in order to support us in this endeavour.

Some of our supporters like to leave our charity either a fixed sum donation or a percentage of what’s left after they have provided for loved ones.

Please speak to a member of the Development Team if you would like to know more about leaving a gift in your Will or are considering leaving an object so that our curators can advise whether we will be able to accept the artefact.

Development Lead, Katie Lee
T: 0117 352 5568
E: [email protected]

One comment on Donating objects or collections to Bristol Museums

  1. Geoffrey Bennett

    Hello Katie.
    I have some items that may be of interest to Bristol Museum namely, a Stirrup pump used by my Grandfather when he was a fire watcher at Wills Raleigh Rd factory, some items of Chinese (very thin) porcelain which was a present brought back to my Grandmother by her brother, who served in both world wars and was lost in the sinking of the Empire Mica June 1942. Her other brother joined up early in WW1 and was killed in the battle of Cambrai in August 1918 and a collection of letters postcards photos etc. I know some provenance, too much to list here. I have kept this stuff for many years.
    I can make it available for you to see if you think it might be interesting


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