School children inside the Anderson Shelter at M Shed

Learning is at the heart of our museums. The objects we look after and the stories they tell bring learning to life and inspire curiosity and creativity.

Our Bristol 50, a brand new museum learning programme, supports teaching and learning for Key Stages 1 – 4 in Art, Science and History. Visit our main Learning section to find out more about our range of resources for teachers.

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If you’re looking for risk assessments so that you can plan a school visit, you’ll find them for all sites in our Resources section. Please note that we have specific risk assessments for the Discover Chocolate and Made in Bristol workshops at M Shed.

Here’s a taster of what the Bristol 50 can offer to support your curriculum at M Shed. Contact us to book and to find out more about the full programme – all group visits must be booked in advance (whether you’re coming on an independent visit or to a workshop). If you’re coming to the museum for a workshop, use of a lunch room is included in the price, but will need to be booked in advance.



Bristol & the First World War

Immerse yourself at M Shed

A workshop that explores the impact of the First World War on people’s lives in the city. Investigate real and replica artefacts, photos and documents. After your workshop follow a trail around the galleries finding objects linked with the First World War. £5 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 6-11


Local history

The Port of Bristol

Immerse yourself at M Shed

In 1732 Alexander Pope said of Bristol ‘In the middle of the street, as far as you can see, hundreds of ships, their masts as thick as they can stand by one another.’ Using a range of evidence find out more about Bristol’s historic port: its merchants, ships and cargoes. £7 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 3-7


Discover: Ships & Sailors

Handle & discover at M Shed

In 1675 the Bristol Merchant sailed for Smyrna in Turkey. Laden with goods intended for trade the ship and its crew never returned. Climb aboard and sail with us to recreate this ill-fated voyage and find out what happened to the ship the ‘Bristol Merchant’. £5 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 1-4


Discover: Chocolate

Handle & discover at M Shed

Love chocolate and want to find out more? Led by our own Fry’s Angel this workshop explores the history of Bristol’s world famous chocolate companies and their yummy products. £5 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 1-6


Bristol at War: The Home Front

Immerse yourself at M Shed

On 24th November 1940 Bristol city centre was blitzed and a quarter of the medieval city destroyed. Find out more about everyday life on the Bristol Home Front and how ordinary people coped with extraordinary circumstances. £7 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 3 –7


World War Two Day Evacuation Day

Immerse yourself at M Shed – Thursday 18 and Friday 19 June 2015

A full day of World War II activities including: evacuation by steam train, make do and mend activities, drama workshop and handling real objects from the 1940s.
Watch our video to find out what you can expect from the workshop day. £10 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 3-6


Made in Bristol

Immerse yourself at M Shed

Paper bags, chocolate, rope, tobacco, ships and boots were all made in Bristol. Learn more about Bristol’s manufacturing history and have a go at some historical skills. This offer includes an exciting visit behind-the-scenes to explore the Industrial History collections at L Shed. You can download our Made in Bristol gallery trail from the resources section of our website. £7 per pupil.

We have a range of activities and teaching resources available especially for the Open for Business exhibition at M Shed. Find out more on the exhibition page.

Suitable for Year 3-6


Bristol & the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Immerse yourself at M Shed

Investigate five key themes using handling objects, images and documents to consider the question ‘should Bristol apologise for its role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?’ Continue your research with a resourced teacher-led visit to the Transatlantic Slave Trade displays. £5 per pupil.

Suitable for Year 7-11