Explore Bristol through time: its places, its people and their stories.

Located on the historic dockside, M Shed reveals the fascinating story of the city and its unique place in the world. Here are our learning events and school workshops that we offer at M Shed:

Discover: Chocolate

In 1847 the world’s first chocolate bar was manufactured by Fry’s in Bristol. This was followed in 1873 by the world’s first hollow chocolate Easter egg. Meet the ‘Fry’s Angel’, a costumed interpreter, who will lead hands-on activities as you role play…

Discover: Ships and sailors

In 1675 the Bristol Merchant sailed for Smyrna in Turkey, laden with goods intended for trading. The ship and its crew never returned. Discover more about this ill-fated voyage and the dangers faced by sailors at sea in this hands-on session.

Bristol at War: The Home Front 1939-45

On 24th November 1940 Bristol city centre was blitzed and a quarter of its historic buildings were destroyed. Find out more about everyday life on the Home Front in this immersive, activity-packed session.

Lives changed forever: Bristol and the First World War

What impact did the war have on the everyday lives of men, women and children in the city? Reconstruct the lives of six different people using real and replica objects, images, documents and replica costume.

The Port of Bristol

Bristol has a long history as a successful trading port. Discover more about the city’s merchants, their ships and the valuable cargoes they carried in this activity-packed session.

Made in Bristol

Paper bags, chocolate, rope, ships and boots were all made in Bristol. Learn more about Bristol’s manufacturing history, use our historic printing press and visit behind the scenes to explore some of our Industrial History collections.

Discover: Bristol and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

In the long history of Bristol as a trading port, the transatlantic slave trade lasted a relatively short time. But it was of crucial economic importance to the city. This handling session explores how the city was changed by its involvement and the leg…

Discover: Bristol’s ‘Wild’ Life

Bats and badgers, rabbits and robins – Bristol has exciting and diverse wildlife. Find out who they are, where they live, what they look like and how they have adapted to city life in this hands-on session.

ESOL at M Shed

Help your learners develop their language skills, learn about their city and engage with Bristol’s cultural life with our free English for Speakers of Other Languages tours.