23 January—13 March 2016

death: is it your right to choose?

This exhibition has now finished.

death: is it your right to choose? was a powerful and emotive installation of a room at the Dignitas flat near Zurich.

This exhibition complemented death: the human experience and encouraged debate and discussion around end of life choices whilst the current law on assisted dying in the UK is undergoing scrutiny.

We chose to use a re-creation of a room at the Dignitas flat near Zurich as a thought-provoking starting point for this discussion.

Dignitas is an organisation which is founded on the principle ‘To live with dignity – to die with dignity.’ They believe that everyone has the right to make their own decisions about how they want to die. One of the things they do is offer people the opportunity to end their own life.

The reproduction of the room was surrounded by displays relating to the wider spectrum of opinions on Assisted Dying including many personal testimonies.

The space allowed visitors to explore their own feelings about the debate through a sensory as well as an intellectual experience guided by medical, ethical, philosophical and emotive elements.

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