9 January—2 July 2024

KS2 webinar: Predators and Prey

We have a new learning experience for schools – a loan box of specimens and a linked webinar with a museum expert.

Collect the loan box from the museum and then join us for a live webinar investigating how predators and prey animals are adapted to their need to hunt or escape. Talk to our Museum Educator as they use relevant museum specimens to explore animal skulls, teeth and skeletons.

Children will:

  • Discuss terms predator and prey
  • Talk to a Museum Educator about animal adaptations using examples from our museum collections
  • Look at museum specimens to explore animal and dinosaur teeth, skulls and claws
  • Find out how animals survive and what makes a good predator
  • Ask questions about our objects


Our virtual learning includes:

  • live presentation supported by PowerPoint slides
  • interaction between learners and a Museum Educator
  • short pre-recorded videos of behind the scenes at the museum, including curator talks
  • a Resource Pack with pre-session activities; resources and worksheets for activities during the session; suggestions and resource for follow-up activities in the classroom after the virtual session

Continue your learning after the webinar with our linked loan box that you can borrow for two weeks.

Suitable for: Years 4 – 6

Maximum number of children: 60 (from the same school)

Duration: 60 minutes

Timings: Afternoons

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Available at M Shed and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery only. Complimentary use when booking a workshop. Charged at £1 per child for independent visits.