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By Finn White, Engagement Officer – Communities

You Make Bristol 2020

Man ( Nikesh Shukla) standing by market stall

Nikesh Shukla © Kirsty Mackay

M Shed’s You Make Bristol display celebrates people who’ve made a difference. It features everyone from community workers to campaigners and musicians to models. Every few years we refresh the display with a new set of brilliant Bristolians.

How do we choose who features?

In 2019 we ran a public vote via social media and in museums and libraries across the city. Nearly 200 amazing people were nominated. The long-list was then whittled down by our community panel. The panel was made up of community workers representing a wide range of Bristol’s communities. After much deliberation, 40 people were chosen to feature in our display. The panel ensured that our selection was properly representative of the city’s diversity.

What happens to the people who were in the display before?

Older woman in door way (Barbara Dettering)

Barbara Dettering © Kirsty Mackay

Everyone who has previously featured in the display is still on the digital kiosks at M Shed. This incredible archive of people will just keep growing and growing.

When will we change it again?

The display will stay at M Shed for around four years before we start a new round of voting.

How can I nominate someone?
If you would like to nominate someone for the next display, please contact us at [email protected].

Man (Travis Alabanza) in taxi

Travis Alabanza © Kirsty Mackay

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