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Posted on by Lauren MacCarthy.

by Finn White, Community Engagement Officer

This photograph shows an external wall of a building and someone had placed miniture doors and windows at the base of the building

What makes your neighbourhood unique? What makes Bedminster bounce, Hartcliffe hum, and St Pauls sing? Have you seen your neighbourhood afresh during the pandemic?

We’re teaming up with Bristol Photography Festival to put together a digital space where you can explore the past and present of Bristol’s unique neighbourhoods. We want you to share photos, stories and comments that tell us what it’s like round your way. Where is the most beautiful spot in your hood? What makes you laugh? What gives its specific character?

Some of your images and stories may even find their way into M Shed and help tell the real story of Bristol. Don’t let us speak for you, show us what matters most.

Photo of a sign pointing in several directions indicating the direction of the neighbourhood in Bristol. It shows Bedminster stations and Victoria park is located in one direction, going in another direction is Windmill City Farm, but underneath that it also says "Not Here"


Send us your best photos via…

Instagram: Share your photos via Instagram, add a caption and tag us.

Email: Simply drop us an email with an attached photo, the neighbourhood you live in and up to 25 words telling us why you chose the picture.


Head to our Pinterest board to explore what we’ve gathered so far. They are already filling up with incredible archive images, intimate scenes and uniquely Bristolian spaces.

We’ll be sharing a whole range of prompts and ideas via our social media channels (Instagram: @bristolmuseums, Twitter: @mshedbristol, Facebook: @mshedbristol) but here are a few ideas below if you want to get cracking:

  • Take a picture of the best road name in Bristol
  • Photograph something new you found during lockdown
  • Which place holds the strong personal memories for you?
  • What free things do people leave out on their front walls in your area?
  • What makes you laugh about living in Bristol?
  • What’s the one place or thing you’d want to take with you if you moved away?

Photograph of a large tree. The photo has been taken at ground level so the foreground is looking through grass. The sky is very blue.

  • What’s the weirdest thing about your area?
  • They say a picture tells 1000 words.
  • Which spot or scene really sums up your area?
  • If you were showing a visitor to Bristol round your neighbourhood, where’s the first place you’d take them? (Or the last place you’d want to take them!)
  • Think of the biggest contrasts or contradictions of your area. Now try and capture one of them in a single image
  • Take a picture of a tree in your area

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