Bristol At Home celebrates Movember!

Posted on by Fay Curtis.

In case you missed it on Twitter, here is a lovely photograph of a chap with an extravagant moustache relaxing in his living room.

This photo dates from around 1900. Besides his glorious facial hair, this photograph is also interesting because it shows typical middle class home furnishings.

Home decor around this time was quite fussy by modern standards. The floral wallpaper is rather busy. The whitework panel behind the gentleman’s head is an antimacassar, which was designed to protect the chair from the oil men wore in their hair.

The photograph has been damaged over time by light and possibly water. Older photographic prints deteriorate quite quickly if exposed to daylight.

Any ideas what the ornament on the mantelpiece might be? It looks a bit like a snow globe!

Helen McConnell, Collections Officer – Public History

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