Bristol’s Afrikan-Caribbean legends of martial arts

Posted on by Fay Curtis.

Clive Smith captures the true stories from some of Bristol’s Afrikan Caribbean legends of martial arts.

Lloyd Russell.
Lloyd Allen.
Nathan Lewis.
Shaun Vera.
Winston Williams.

This podcast gives an insight into the journey of racism and discrimination that they all encountered whilst growing up in Bristol from the 1960s.

They tell their stories of why they started martial arts and the obstacles they all experienced. Many of these young men went on to become UK and world class martial arts champions, to set up their own businesses and to mentor the young people who follow them.

This production also gives homage to Henry Cornwall, Max Maximen, Trevor Johnson and Stanmore Allen for their contributions to the martial arts world before they all passed away.

This inspiring and informative podcast will educate and give you a true account of the many contributions these Afrikan Caribbean legends have made for Bristol and the world. It is introduced by Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees.

The podcast is by Clive Smith, RTS award-winning filmmaker. Commissioned by M Shed to mark Windrush Day and honour the Afrikan-Caribbean people who shape Bristol and contribute to the city’s success.

4 comments on “Bristol’s Afrikan-Caribbean legends of martial arts

  1. Nila Tailor

    Great work, well done Clive. Wonderful to hear names of old colleagues.


  2. Clive Smith

    Thank you. Hopefully the film will be out once this lockdown and social distancing ends. There’s so much other names I had to leave out but I’ll be able to mention them in the film 🙏🏿


  3. Florrisel Downer

    Hello Clive.
    Can’t believe you left me out mate..!


  4. Vigo Wright

    Definitely got to big up Clive Smith. Authentic as always!


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