Being Human moves: Get moving with the museum!

Posted on by Fay Curtis.

By Ailsa Richardson, Engagement Officer for older people

We have created a series of seven laminated activity cards inspired by sculptures in the museum and our Being Human exhibition.

They were initially designed for care homes and hospitals with people living with dementia and their carers in mind – but they can be used by people of different ages and abilities.

How to take part

  • Just download the PDF and print out the cards.
  • Or you can request the cards to receive them in the post. Just email us with an address and how many sets of cards you would like.
  • Since we can’t run our Creative Cafes in person, have a read of our instructions to enjoy a Being Human café from wherever you are.


  • Make a cup of tea and a piece of cake to keep your energy up
  • Have some cut flowers on the table to admire
  • Have a look at the A5 postcards – have a chat about the pictures of the sculptures and the moves they make! What do you see? How does it make you feel? What do the pictures remind you of? Which is your favorite and why? Can you imagine who made the sculpture and why?
  • Clear some space, choose some music and try some of the movements suggested on the back of the cards. You can do them in any order. Make up your own. Join the moves together to make a sequence, a dance, an exercise routine.
  • It can be fun or serious or both.
  • Try it again another day or another week.

You can also use the cards for other activities:

  • Drawing from the images, and each other.
  • Storytelling – you might imagine a conversation with the sculpture or a story that starts with a sculpture or movement.
  • Where would you place the sculpture if you could choose a space or landscape for it?

We will be running some Zoom sessions for carers, activity coordinators and creative facilitators to share ideas for using the cards. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to hear about these.

The images and activity ideas were created by Julia Thorneycroft, Lerato Dunn and Ailsa Richardson, and the cards designed by graphic designer, Fi Russell.

All the sculptures are part of Bristol’s amazing collection – with some of them are featuring in the Being Human exhibition.

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