Parliament delivered in time for Brexit deadline

Posted on by Lauren MacCarthy.

To celebrate 10 years since Banksy versus Bristol Museum, Banksy’s Devolved Parliament will go on display in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery from Thursday 28 March.

The painting is the artists largest on canvas and shown now thanks to a loan from its owner. It will be on display for five months.

It was first exhibited in the museum during the record breaking Banksy versus Bristol Museum exhibition in 2009.

The show attracted over 300,000 people and was one of the top ten most visited exhibitions anywhere in the world that year. It was estimated to have brought £15 million into the local economy.

This is a timely chance to revisit the work and enjoy it once again. Admission is free.

Read more about Banksy and Bristol Museums.

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  1. Dana Preston

    Thanks to a young relative, I recently learned of Banksy. Viewed the 2012 documentary about him in which a female director from your museum spoke of him. Banksy is brilliant.


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