Kings Weston Roman Villa

COVID-19 update: Please note that visits to Kings Weston Roman Villa are not possible at this time. We apologise for any disappointment.


Explore where the Romans used to live right on Bristol’s doorstep – see the only Roman bath suite in Bristol, original mosaic floors and discover Roman central heating!

Unescorted visits to the site may be made by individuals or family groups (up to 6 people) by simply picking up a key from Blaise Museum or Bristol Museum & Art Gallery during opening hours.

Admission to the site is free to the general public, but we ask for a £10 refundable deposit for the key.

Long Cross, Kings Weston Roman Villa
Lawrence Weston
Bristol, BS11 0LP

Schools and groups

Visits to the site by schools or any other group should be booked in advance via our Learning team and accompanied by a member of museum staff. Please email us to enquire and check availability.

From April to September, schools can visit the villa to take part in our Roman Life learning session.


  • This is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and is not staffed. The site can be difficult to negotiate since it consists of a large grass-covered area with low stone walls which vary in height from about 15 cm (6”) to about 1 metre (3’3”).
  • Level access may be gained to the site via a double gate on the main road (Long Cross) and by crossing the wall immediately to the right of this where the level of the grass has been raised.
  • The overall ground surface can be uneven in places and particular care is required after wet weather.
  • A wooden building protects some of the site’s features. A double wooden door may be opened from the inside of this building to enable level access.
  • A variety of handling objects, activities and written interpretation panels are available as well as an onsite guide printed in Braille.
  • Visitors will issued with an advice note on collection of the keys that has been prepared with a view to enabling both a safe and enjoyable experience.


  • There is no toilet or café at Kings Weston Roman Villa

Please contact us if you would like more information about Kings Weston Roman Villa.