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A round up of articles and events to mark LGBTQ+ History Month in February.

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LGBTQ+ History Month: Nicola Griffith in conversation

ONLINE TALK: In her historical novel, Hild, based on the early life of the saint, award-winning novelist Nicola Griffith chose to make her heroine bisexual. In this event, she will talk about her research.

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LGBTQ+ History Month: Michael Dillon – Trans pioneer

ONLINE TALK: Michael Dillon is one of the key figures in 20th Century trans history. In this talk Cheryl Morgan will look at Dillon’s life, and in particular bring to light some of the latest research on his time in Bristol.


Bristol’s remarkable trans pioneer: Michael Dillon

by Cheryl Morgan, co-chair of Outstories Bristol, an LGBTQ+ local history group

Bristol has an impressive connection to transgender history. The great writer, Jan Morris, was born in Clevedon, and the city is also home to two modern trans stars: T…