Treasures in Store

Photo of the L Shed storeLike all museums, Bristol has much more in its collections than can ever be displayed at any one time. You can easily visit part of those reserve collections at M Shed on guided behind the scenes tours.

L Shed, adjoining M Shed, contains thousands of items from the industrial, maritime and social history collections, including the Lord Mayor’s coach, models of ships and wheels from the Bristol Brabazon.

All of the items are connected with Bristol’s history and are vividly brought to life by our volunteer guides. You can see huge machinery, delicate models and intriguing objects of all shapes and sizes which, one day, will have their turn on display.

Many of the items were on display in the Bristol Industrial Museum, which was M Shed’s predecessor. They’ve been collected over the last 150 years and some have been added since M Shed opened in 2011.

Head over to the what’s on section to find out when you can go on a tour to discover these fascinating treasures. And don’t forget that you can search our collections online.

Image credits: Simon Thomas and Michael Hardwell

Photo of a model of a ship being built in the L Shed store