What’s on

Woman’s Hour Craft Prize

EXHIBITION: Showcasing the most innovative and exciting craft practice in the UK today, this exhibition from the V&A marks the 70th anniversary of BBC Woman’s Hour. 

What is activism?

SPECIAL EVENT: Hear a selection of the stories from the Rebellious Sounds Archive about women activists in the South West. The Rebellious Sounds Archive will be playing a selection of the stories collected so far, which  include discussion of BAME acti…

Tales of the Vales: Stories from A Forgotten Landscape

EXHIBITION: An exhibition and publication about the geology and rich natural resources of the extraordinary River Severn. The immense floodplain has been shaped over millennia, first by the Severn’s extraordinary tides and then by human activity.  

Mending with Celia Pym

WORKSHOP: As part of the Make Space Programme, you will explore textile repair, how you do it, why you do it, and the tenderness and care of mending. The aim of the workshop is to practice mending techniques on woollen garments such as sweaters and socks.