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The Food Journey

by Rhian Rowson, curator of Natural Sciences

Earlier this year, we hosted a thought provoking, multi-sensory event called The Food Journey. The Food Journey examined the roots and routes of a range of common foods. Combining performance, sound…


World Wildlife: Extinction Voices

In August 2019, we veiled Alfred the Gorilla and 31 other animals in our World Wildlife gallery so we could begin to comprehend a world without these extraordinary creatures. All 32 animals are threatened with high to extreme risk of extinction.


The lost lioness returns!

Whilst rummaging through the natural history stores hidden below Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, we came across a lion skull from the research collection which had an interesting old label, handwritten in copperplate script.


The beautiful Broughton Herbarium is now online

The Broughton Herbarium is a collection of beautiful pressed plants from Bristol and Jamaica collected by Dr Arthur Broughton (1758–1796), a local physician in the 18th century.