27 July 2019

Songs from Shakespeare’s plays

A free concert at the Red Lodge to complement the Shakespeare festival in the heart of the city.

Wander throughout this beautiful building listening to the sounds of Dowland, Johnson, Morley, Rosseter and Campion.

The Red Lodge was built in 1580 as a venue for banquets and entertainment for the nearby Great House.

It is contemporary with Shakespeare who was born in 1564 and guests at the Lodge at the end of the century may have been familiar with some of these songs.

The music will be performed by Rosafresca with Emma Winscom and Jacob Garside.

Rosafresca are part of Music at Number 11. Music at Number 11 brings together enthusiastic musicians from a range of backgrounds and professions to present music from across the centuries.

Comprising four groups, Music at Number 11 explores less familiar instrumental combinations and repertoire from the renaissance to the modern day.

For more information visit Music at Number 11.