15 March 2018

‘The World Runnes on Wheeles’: Travel by water and road in 17th century Bristol and Gloucestershire

Roads and rivers were vital channels for the development of regional trade and economic development in the early modern period.

This talk examines the campaign by the Gloucester-born water poet, John Taylor in the 1630s and 1640s to encourage river traffic along the Severn and its tributaries which was overtaken by the Civil War.

The talk will compare it to some previously neglected lists from an unpublished county history, describing the local road network later in the same century, at a time when most county and regional maps ignored roads.

By combining the evidence in these lists with other contemporary records, it is possible to build up a picture of road traffic in the region before the turnpike and stagecoach revolution.

Speaker: Dr John Chandler is consultant editor for the Victoria County History in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Regional History Centre, UWE.

This is a UWE Regional History Centre talk.