21 March 2019

Victorian to present day Bristol in 3D

Looking at stereo photographs was a popular Victorian pastime. Millions of commercial stereo photographic cards of images from all over the world were produced.

The Bristol Archive has a collection of around 270 stereo (3D) photographic cards relating to Bristol and its surroundings in the nineteenth century – chiefly in the 1860s and 70s. We have digitised these images and restored them to give a collection of 142 useful 3D pictures

Images of the town with sailing vessels up to Baldwin Street, along with St. Mary Redcliffe without its spire show Bristol and Clifton off in a new light. Stereoscopic photography also recorded the evolution of the Clifton suspension bridge from its earliest days to its completion in 1864.

Now, together with some new stereo photographs of Bristol and Clifton related to the Victorian views, Dr Bob Pryce has created some new 3D audio visual shows for the big screen, depicting the city past and present.

Speaker: Dr Bob Pryce is a retired professional chemist and academic and a member of The Stereoscopic Society

This is a UWE Regional History Centre talk.