5 July 2018

Therapeutic landscapes: The design and use of Bristol’s hospital gardens since 1800

Focusing on examples from the Bristol area, this talk will explore the history of the garden as a therapeutic space.

Considering both the use of hospital gardens within the city and the creation of specialist institutions in more rural areas, the interrelationship between the urban and the pastoral in relation to concepts of health and disease will be revealed.

We will trace their history from the grottos and summerhouses of elite nineteenth-century lunatic asylums, through Florence Nightingale’s championing of the Victorian pavilion hospital
design with its courtyard gardens, to the open-air institutions of the Edwardian period with
their revolving chalets.

Specific examples will include Brislington House Asylum founded by Dr Edward Long Fox, the roof garden of Bristol General Hospital, the open-air landscape of Winford Orthopaedic Hospital and the Wills’s Homeopathic Hospital.

Speaker: Dr Clare Hickman, lecturer in History at the University of Chester

This talk was originally scheduled to take place on 21 June.

This is a UWE Regional History Centre talk.