10 April—7 May 2019

The Poppy Retake // From the Shadows of War and Empire

The Poppy Retake and From the Shadows of War and Empire are two exhibitions that reveal the impact of war on people from ex-colonies.

The Poppy Retake by artist Kooj Chuhan is a film exploring coercion into war. It weaves together colonial narratives, spirits from the dead and video gaming.

The film explores the realities of WWI for the millions of Black and Asian soldiers that fought in Europe, Asia and Africa. It reflects on the broken promises made to these soldiers and their colonised homelands.

Modern gaming obscures both the horror and the colonial roots of conflict. The Poppy Retake uses video games as metaphors for propaganda and casts a critical eye on their role in popular culture.

From the Shadows of War and Empire by Southern Voices explores how European powers brought colonies into the First World War.

Did you know that the first and last shots of WWI by ‘British’ forces were fired in Africa? Or that 1.5 million soldiers from India fought for the British?

Focusing on India, West Indies, East Africa and Nigeria, the exhibition examines the impact of WWI from the viewpoint of the people themselves.

This exhibition is organised in partnership with Virtual Migrants