13 November—14 November 2021

The People’s Museum at M Shed

The People’s Museum 2021 is coming to M Shed and is inviting everyone to take a peek into the extraordinary and everyday lives of Bristol residents.

The People’s Museum is a celebration of the rich social history of the city in general – and BS13 in particular – as told through the treasured private collections of people living in the community.

The exhibition is the inspiration of Jess Wright, founder of Zion Community Space, an arts and events space in Bedminster Down.

The People’s Museum is a showcase of the creativity and passions of the residents of BS13. It celebrates our shared love of collecting and gives love and attention to those objects that would not be given space in a traditional museum.

We are all collectors at heart, whether you still cherish your collection of novelty key rings from childhood, your t-shirts from gigs over the years or your ancestors’ tapestries stored in the loft. These are all documents of social history and the stories of all of us and our lives.

The Bedminster Down community responded to the call-out with gusto. Local residents raided mantelpieces, lofts and boxes under beds to loan their cherished possessions to M Shed.

Collections to go on display include Victorian celery vases, 80s computer games (which can be played), Bedminster Down Boys’ Club memorabilia, militaria, Glastonbury Festival merchandise, Thai costumes, Filipino artefacts and old matchboxes – all with many stories to tell.

The People’s Museum is a partnership between Zion Community Space and M Shed and supported by Bristol Arts & Events and West of England Combined Authority.