20 May 2021

The Bristol School of Artists revisited 

In the early 1800s, Bristol witnessed a period of unique creativity.

Talented artists, who we now refer to as the Bristol School, settled in the city. In their paintings they defined the very beauty-spots in and around Bristol that we still visit today.

They captured both genteel and less cultivated life around the streets, pubs, fairs, ballrooms and the famous ‘Floating Harbour’. And they left us portraits of their fellow Bristolians as well as gently exploring religious painting. This story is well known.

In this talk Dr Jenny Gaschke will draw out lesser know aspects of the Bristol School’s story and introduce some of Bristol Culture’s recent acquisitions.

We will look at female creativity beyond the work of Rolinda Sharples and the way the artists dealt with the rapid industrialization of the local landscape around them. And we will address where the money that paid for their art came from, given Bristol’s involvement with the Transatlantic slave trade. All these questions show how relevant the Bristol School still is today.

Speaker: Dr Jenny Gaschke is curator of Fine Art, pre-1900, at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

This is a UWE Regional History Centre talk in partnership with M Shed seminar series.

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