2 November 2019

From Harryhausen to Aardman: The evolution of stop-motion animation

Join us for an animated evening with Merlin Crossingham, Artistic Director at Aardman and Connor Heaney, Collections Manager at the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation.

Merlin and Connor will discuss the development and influences of stop-motion animation and take questions from the audience.

Ray Harryhausen is widely regarded as the pioneer of stop-motion animation. His most well-known works include Clash of the Titans, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts.

The discussion will accompany a screening of Harryhausen’s 1966 film One Million Years BCConnor will introduce the film and explain the ahead-of-the-time techniques Harryshausen used and why they’re still so influential today. 

One Million Years BC tells the story of Tumak, a hunter of the fierce and violent Rock tribe who is exiled after a fight with his chieftain father. He wanders across the desert, braving many dangers, until he encounters the peaceful, more advanced people of the Shell tribe. With his newly-learned skills, Tumak returns to claim his birthright.

The film influenced Nick Park on Aardman’s latest feature length film, Early Man.

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Image: Ray Harryhausen with the triceratops model from One Million Years BC.
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