18 July—1 September 2024

Space Shanty

Space Shanty is a new interactive installation inspired by Bristol’s long-standing ties to the sea and stars, which is coming to M Shed this summer.

Hosted by local experiences company Yuup, Space Shanty will transform one of Bristol’s most iconic harbourside venues into a maze of interactive installations, digital artworks, and historical artefacts.

‘Space Shanty’ will include a hands-on making area and interactive elements, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in this celestial experience.

At the heart of Space Shanty is Bemmie the Ratronaut, Bristol’s first Space Rat. From stowing away on Bristol’s ships to exploring distant planets, Bemmie shares his journey through video screens, audio snippets, and augmented reality, offering a glimpse into his interplanetary escapades and introducing visitors to space-themed shanties.

Commissioned by Dreamy Place and created by D-Unit, the event runs across six weeks to coincide with the school’s summer break, celebrating the city’s maritime heritage, while uncovering its less-known connection to the cosmos.

The installation has been made possible by Bristol-based talent and organisations; D-Unit, in collaboration with Dreamy Place producing the experience, and lead artist Megan Broadmeadow has been working with Bristol Museums and Aerospace Bristol to create the story.

Please see Space Shanty FAQs for information on accessibility, rescheduling and more frequently asked questions.