13 November 2016—8 April 2018

Somalis in Bristol: Where Are We From and Who Are We Now?

Produced in collaboration with Black Southwest Network and members of the Somali community, this display explores the diverse experiences of Somalis living in Bristol today.

Hear personal stories from Somalis and discover the rich heritage of one of the city’s fastest growing communities.

Somali identity is a fascinating subject. Loyalty to clan, nation, region and religion all create a rich assortment of personal identities in a new land.

From teenagers who were born in the city, to those who have adopted it as a place of refuge, discover individual stories through striking photography and intimate oral accounts.

Whether you’re a Somali wanting to explore your own identity or you’re simply interested in finding out more about Somali culture, there is much to discover.

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Image: © Kirsty Mackay